Thursday, 8 April 2010


Nearly a year since our last post - poor show I know but we really have been flat out working.

As I am sure you can imagine a lot has happened in the last 8/9 months. We will try, over the next few days, to fill you in on what all we have been up to.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring!

Friday, 7 August 2009


One year and counting.

Hard to believe that we have been going for a year - how the time has flown. 
Good times we had including the recent news that we have won the 4 way tender for the NICSSA account - as sports fans we are looking forward to getting our teeth into this account.

Big thanks to all our customers and their support over the last year. 

Here's to many more....

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Back to Black

Unfortunately we experienced a slight hiccup there with the blog - but we were able to sort it out and get back to the original black background. Apologies if anyone was struggling to read the text on the white background.

Thursday, 7 May 2009



Time to make an impact.
It's hard to get your message out there and to get noticed - short of putting a brick through someone's window you can speak to us. We pride ourselves in coming up with innovative and effective ways and places to grab the attention of your target audience. 

We are also giving alternative uses to the brick we are putting through peoples doors - for instance you can hold it to your ear and realise just how far mobile phones have come in the past 10 years... or just use it as a desk tidy.




Feel like we are back at school chanting "BIG FIGHT" cheering on Rainbow Telecom in their fight against BT Retail to save NI businesses millions of pounds.

The ads look great, thanks to a great brief from the client and we wish 'Rogie' all the best on May 15th in his next fight.

The campaign has been roled out in 48sheet, press and magazine adverts.

Knock out!

Well, what a start to the new year. First Quarter over and it was flat out. New clients, new work, new buzz, late nights......brilliant. We produced a campaign for Rainbow Telecom using Martin Rogan, Belfast's Commonwealth Champion who is taking on Sam Sexton and backing Rainbow taking on BT Retail. 

At the photo shoot we knew not to mess with the heavyweight. 

Though the client was brave enough to take one on the chin!

Also we got ourselves on to the world of twitter - follow us at 'FollowYBR'.
(Though we haven't quite got a hold of tweeting just yet. Not enough hours in the day).

Also we have been helping COCO in their launch - GOOD LUCK TO YVONNE AND JASON.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Can you guess who is who?